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President: Kang Yi
Vice President: Wang Dianzuo
         Zuo Tieyong
         Zhang Jian
         Guo Shengkun
         Zhou Lian
         Huang Boyun
         Qiu Dingfan
         Zhang Yi
         Gao Dezhu
         Pan Jiazhu
         Niu Yinjian
Secretary General: Niu Yinjian
Deputy Secretary General: Yang Huanwen
The Nonferrous Metals society of China (NFsoc) founded in December 1984 is the nationwide leading professional body of scholars, scientists and engineers mostly engaged or interested in the broad field of nonferrous and its related professions. The society is closely affiliated to The China Association for Science and Technology.


The society is a nonprofit public organization devoting itself to the cause of promoting the science and engineering professions concerned with all areas of the nonferrous metals industry.
To realize this primary aim the activities of the society are centered on the following aspects:
*Conducting scientific and technological conferences
*Publishing books and periodicals
*Supporting research and development activities
*Providing consultation services
*Offering continuing education programs
*Representing demands and interests of members
To broaden our field of activities and also to keep abreast with the latest development and issues on our profession cooperation is sought and maintained with the international learned societies and/or professional bodies in such matters as cosponsorship of international conferences, joint conferences, exchange of publication & information and mutual visits of prominent figures of each society.
Up to now close contact and cooperation have been well established between NFsoc and the following well-known learned societies/ professional bodies:
Associacao Brasileira de Metals (ABM)
Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM)
Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum (CIM)
Gesellschaft Deutscher Metallhutten und Bergleute (GDMB)
Institution of Mining & Metallurgy (IMM)
Institute of Materials (IOM)
Korean Institute of Metals (KIM)
Korean Institute of Resources Recycling (KIR)
Mining & Materials Processing Institute of Japan (MMIJ)
Societe Francaise de Metallurgie et de Materiaux (SF2M)
Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME)
The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
Verein Deutscher Eisenhuttenleute (VDEH), etc.
The Indian Institute of Metals
Being an industry-oriented professional body, NFsoc frequently set up temporary committees for study and investigation of current important industrial problems and issues. Further more short training courses/seminars and continuing educational programs are organized for the need of the nonferrous metals industry. Through its technical division committees and regional branches NFsoc always strives for combining and integrating in a comprehensive sense the works and efforts of its scientists coming from different sectors of society such as from industry, university and government with the sole purpose of making great contributions to the nonferrous metals industry as much as possible.


Every four years a nationwide general meeting will be held of representatives of NFsoc members for the election of its new council.
The new council is entrusted to discuss the nomination and election of standing members of council, president and vice-presidents and also the secretary general of NFsoc (equivalent to executive director).

20 Technical committees:
● Geology
● Mining
● Mineral Processing
● Light Metals Metallurgy
● Heavy Metals Metallurgy
● Rare Metals Metallurgy
● Powder Metallurgy and Fine Ceramics
● Materials Science and Engineering
● Semi-conductive Materials
● Metal Fabrication
● Metallurgical Equipment
● Metallurgical Physical-Chemistry
● Industrial Safety
● Environmental Protection
● Computer Applications
● Industrial Economics and Management
● Physical and Chemical Analyses
● Industrial Statistics
● Information Science
● Precious Metal
● There is a committee for young scientists and engineers.

16 Local Branch Societies:
● Chongqing
● Gansu
● Guangdong
● Guangxi
● Guizhou
● Henan
● Jiangxi
● Liaoning
● Shaanxi
● Shanghai
● Shanxi
● Shenzhen
● Sichuan
● Xinjiang
● Yunnan


There are two kinds of memberships i.e. individual member and corporate member. Up to 2000, more than 39,000 members of NFsoc have been registered.
All members should meet the qualification equivalent to or above the level of an experienced college degree engineer working in the broad field of nonferrous metals and its allied industries and professions.
On the one hand the prestige and stature of NFsoc are essentially based on the magnificent knowledge and creative technical expertise of its membership, but on the other hand NFsoc offers its membership a splendid forum for contact at home and abroad with prominent figures in science and engineering relating to the nonferrous metals and its allied profession. It also means cross-fertilization of new ideas and innovative approaches so essential for the young engineers and scientists.
NFsoc has established a nationwide network in nonferrous metals community linking related industries, research institutes, universities and government-affiliated organizations, among which up to 2001, 130 main enterprises have accepted as corporate members.


There are there major quarterlies published by NFsoc as follows:
"Transactions of The Nonferrous Metals Society of China" with Chinese and English versions,
"Rare Metal Materials and Engineering",
"Mining Research and Development",
"Rare Metals" in English.
Important tool books have appeared such as:
"Hand book of Mineral Technology & Engineering" published in six volumes,
"Metallurgical Equipment for Nonferrous Metals" in three volumes, etc.
Hand Book of Comprehensive utilization of Mineral Resources
Hand Book of Mineral Processing.
A series of Proceedings of International Conferences held in China and organized solely or jointly by NFsoc with genuine co-sponsorship of various world-known societies/institutes have been published.


Additional information can be provided by contacting:
Prof. Niu Yinjian
Secretary General
The Nonferrous Metals Society of China (NFsoc)
12B Fuxing Road, Beijing 100814, China
Tel/Telefax: +86-10-63965399



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